Rottnest Island

Situated only 19 kilometres off the coast of Perth, Rottnest Island offers visitors a casual atmosphere, picturesque scenery, and a rich cultural heritage to discover on a day trip or extended stay. With 63 of the prettiest beaches you’re likely to see anywhere, 20 beautiful bays and many coral reefs and wrecks, Rottnest Island is a marine paradise. You can spend your days exploring some of the most spectacular swimming spots, diving and surf breaks in the world. Heading below the surface to explore the snorkel trails is also a must, with over 135 species of tropical fish and 25 species of coral to discover.

There’s plenty to experience out of the water too, from meeting the world-famous Quokka to exploring the excellent bike and walk trails that traverse the island.

Tours by bike, boat or Segway offer insightful experiences, from wildlife encounters to learning about the Aboriginal heritage of Wadjemup, which is the name for Rottnest Island in the Noongar language and means ‘place across the water where the spirits are’.

You can also discover the island’s military history and the important role it played in Australia’s World War II defence system as you explore underground tunnels, the lighthouse, Oliver Hill, and Bickley Battery.

As an A-Class Reserve and with almost no cars on the island, cycling is the best way to get around. Or, for a different pace, there’s a hop on/hop off bus service that regularly runs around the island, stopping at some of the more secluded beaches and surf breaks.


Busselton – Rottnest Island
40 Minutes